If your child has:

  • trouble with daily activities
  • unwillingness to organize small items
  • difficulty in coordinating both hands during manipulation,
  • poor grip
  • problems with copying from the board, ugly handwriting
  • upper limb tension disturbance (increased or decreased tension)
  • abnormal body posture
  • graphomotor problems (writing, painting)
  • problems with motor coordination

We invite you to Hand therapy, which aims to improve the small motility and precise movements of hands and fingers.

Human hands are a very precise tool through which we know and feel the world. They are our guide in the learning process, allowing us to acquire new skills. The mechanism of action of the hand is very complicated and depends on the proper functioning of the individual elements. The hand is responsible for many processes. Initially, hand participates in world exploration, helps in locomotion, and in further development performs very precise and complex movements that determine the proper functioning of a human being in society.

Hand therapy is designed to work on the normalization of tension, and it is only in the final phase that attention is focused on the improvement of writing and graphomotor skills. Our specialists choose their activities for the functional and intellectual level of the child, creating the opportunity for further development in a friendly and interesting way. This makes time spent on therapy not only an effective work, but also an extraordinary pleasure.

What does the hand therapy help with?

  • Improves the mobility of the entire upper limb
  • Improves hand manipulation
  • Perfects grip
  • Improves tempo and quality of writing
  • Affects the coordination between the hands
  • Helps maintain proper posture
  • Improves concentration
  • Take advantage of our offer!

Remember, when choosing our specialists, you support the most needy children.

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