Workshops for parents and teachers about Sensory Integration (SI)

It is a very good opportunity to see if distressing symptoms are a developmental norm, or whether the child needs extra support.

During a 3-hour workshop, a qualified therapist will explain what sensory integration is and why it is worth supporting in the development of the child, discussing the most common symptoms of SI disorders, and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are: disturbing behavior of children, their reflexes and developmental norms.

The trainer will show you how easy it can be to stimulate development while playing with your child.

The workshop is led by Marta Surga – a specialist pedagogue, certified therapist of Sensory Integration.

During the workshop, there will be time devoted to consultations and answering your questions.

Signs of sensory integration problems

Poor or excessive pain response.

Sleep problems, frequent crying for a trivial reason.

Problems in daily self-service, awkwardness and clumsiness.

Difficulties with manual actions such as button fastening, cutting, drawing paths.

Difficulty with cycling, independent swinging, throwing and catching the ball.

Poor balance – frequent tripping, bruises, scratches.

Prefers certain types of food, not much variety.

Hypersensitivity to light, blurred vision in bright rooms.

Head banging, wobbling, long swinging, spinning circles.

Avoiding noise such as playing radio or TV, dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Unwillingness to cuddle.

Rubbing, scratching and hitting objects, biting.

Avoiding walking barefoot on sand or grass, playing with plasticine or clay.

Dislike to dress, prefer only some clothes (soft, rough, tight).

Ask for available term for the workshop!