Speech therapy for children

Speech problems are the primary obstacle to good communication, which is the basis of social relationships. If your child does not speak or speak vaguely, get help from our specialists and start professional speech therapy. Kokonovo Foundation offers classes at the highest level, prepared and run by professionals with extensive experience. Our children’s speech therapy program is a comprehensive approach to the problem, which includes a number of processes that improve speech and eliminate dysfunctions.

Our specialists offer:

  • help in the comprehensive improvement of speech,
  • diagnose speech disorders and the causes of these disorders,
  • articulation exercises: tongue, lips, soft palate, jaw,
  • speech therapy – respiratory, voice, hearing, articulation, lexical,
  • cooperate with carers, parents, educators in further improving the speech process,

Does your child have speech problems? Take advantage of our speech therapy! Call and find out more!

As a foundation whose mission is to help children with autism spectrum from orphanages. The treatment of these children is conducted free of charge. By choosing therapy in Kokonovo , you support the therapy of the children with the most needs. Thank you for your help.