• MAKING SENSE OF SENSORY PROCESSING- How to deal with sensory processing disorders in people with autism spectrum


  • For parents, professionals, teachers, educators, psychologists, therapists, speech therapists, child care workers, students of pedagogy, psychology, speech therapy;


  • 5 hours


  • Understanding development of the nervous system in relation to the functioning of our senses;

  • Experience and familiarization with symptoms of sensory disorders;

  • Learning effective techniques of work with sensory processing disorders;

  • Showing sensory comfort as an essential element in effective learning


  1. Development of the nervous system – factors affecting its maturity.
  2. Sensory workshop – for a moment each participant will experience how sensory processing problems affect our well-being and readiness to learn. We will answer the question how feelings affect our brain?
  3. Sensory as a cause of difficult behavior and ineffective learning.
  4. Practical tips for working with student/ child with sensory disorders in the classroom / at home.