We welcome you warmly,

We are happy parents of two healthy children and we know, how much attention and commitment is needed for their proper development. Children are the greatest treasure, so we want the best for them.

We are delighted that Kokonovo Foundation helps children with autism to overcome difficulties from their first years. Children in orphanages, thanks to Kokonovo Foundation will be provided with proper therapy.

We encourage you to support Kokonovo Foundation to create at least one smile on a child’s face.

Together let’s help those, whose life experience is tougher.

Best regards,
Alżbeta Lenska and Rafał Cieszyński

I cordially welcome you on the Kokonovo Foundation’s website,

I would like to encourage everyone to help others, especially the youngest children on autism spectrum experiencing lack of parents.

I have experienced that every good deed comes back to us with renewed strength and that our life becomes meaningful when we help others selflessly.

I support Kokonovo Foundation as much as I can, because I appreciate their work in such a difficult place as an orphanage or a single mother’s house.

I encourage you to help.
By giving something away we become better.

Małgorzata Pieńkowska