Our children are fantastic. They are children from Warsaw’s orphanages – those who need therapy, those who have to make effort to catch up with their peers and learn how to function in today’s world.

Today, thanks to our commercial clients, donors and volunteers, we offer free therapy for orphans with autism spectrum and developmental disorders.

As part of specialist help, our therapists regularly provide speech therapy, sensory integration, pedagogical therapy, and Tomatis therapy. Our children are really hardworking!

We also have fantastic volunteers- they take care of children in orphanages every day. They conduct classes for them, help them reach therapy outside the orphanage, support with a kind word and a smile.

You want to help? You can do it in many different ways!

  • If your child needs therapy – sign them up for our classes. All commercial income is spent on helping children from orphanages.
  • Do you want to help as a volunteer? Excellently! We need you! Contact us.
  • If you want you can help us financially by handing us money directly to our account.