We work on the basis of our own experience.

Kokonovo Fondation was founded in 2014 by Agnieszka Stasiak – mum of wonderful girls, one of whom is affected by autism.

Helping their child to find herself in the surrounding reality, Agnieszka’s family went through a lot. Hundreds of information – often conflicting, dozens of possible therapies, different specialists and diagnosis. When the family situation became more stabilized and the girl made significant progress in communication with her loved ones, Agnieszka decided herself to create a place where children on the autism spectrum would receive appropriate help and support. A place where a child is treated holistically. A place where qualified professionals work and which offers evidence based methods of help.

What is unique about the Foundation is that it was established for children with autism spectrum and multiple developmental disorders who are in orphanages. Those group of children – because of insufficient funding and a shortage of caregivers has very limited access to regular treatment.

We provide comprehensive care for our clients, tailored to the individual needs of each.

We employ specialists in sensory integration, speech therapy, hand therapy, art therapy, music therapy, dog therapy, Tomatis and Johansen method with support of pediatrics and dietetics to start systematic, often long-term work with children.


Agnieszka Stasiak -Kokonovo President – is a very active person. She focuses on two things – her family and the Foundation.

Where did all this begin? How did that happen that helping autistic children became your life goal and passion?

I am a mother of two girls: 7-year-old Maja and 6-year-old Blanka. My older daughter is diagnosed with autism. Thanks to the therapy she started talking, she’s great on cycling, roller skating and skiing. Still, she needs specialist support.

I founded Kokonovo Foundation with a view to all those autistic children who are in orphanages. In these institutions children have limited access to regular therapy. There are no adequate rooms for a therapy or trained staff. Often the lack of knowledge about the therapy of autistic children directly affects their development regression. I would like these children to have the same chance of development as my daughter.

Where did the idea for the name come from?

The name Kokonovo symbolizes the cocoon. It is about the cocoon that the autistic people surround themselves with, trying to separate themselves from the incomprehensible world. If autism is not diagnosed or despite the diagnosis, the treatment is inadequately selected, the autistic people can stay closed in the cocoon for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, many people live with undiagnosed autism. They often have the opinion of freaks, so they are excluded from society. This is the reason why we want to help them. We want to open their cocoon and help to go through the difficulties together so that they can understand the life around them better.

How does your Foundation’s work look like every day?

In addition to charitable help, which is part of the mission of the Foundation, we offer paid classes. All children are invited for sensory integration therapy, speech therapy, diet consultation, rehabilitation, dog therapy, massage. Our employees have many years of experience and are specialists in their fields.