Dog-assisted therapy and its unique power
(interchangeably called kynotherapy or canisterapy)

There is no coincidence that the dogs are man’s best friends. They wag their tail when they see us, let you stroke them, lick your hands. They are just faithful and devoted. They do not expect anything, do not evaluate. Often close contact with a dog proves to be the best form of therapy for the child.

For whom is the therapy?

For closed children, withdrew, with emotional problems,
Children with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, mentally retarded people,
Sufferers of schizophrenia, arthritis, muscle atrophy, sight or hearing damage,
Dogs are also used by epileptics.
This therapy helps to children and adolescents:
stimulate the senses: hearing, sight, touch,
practice concentration,
trigger spontaneous activity,
improve mobility,
open up, show affection,
develop independence,
communicate with the environment,
generate a lot of positive emotions

Dog therapy seems to be an excellent form of therapy also for children with autism spectrum. It turns out that – although autistic children have limited contact with their parents and surroundings – they are very soon in contact with the dog. Sessions with dog support therapy and rehabilitation, and have a positive impact on the psyche and health of those suffering from developmental disorders.

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